Please stop mass editing in pl.wiktionary without bot flag. Thanks in advance.

See here Wikisłownik:Przyznawanie_uprawnień/CarsracBot the bot has permission to run without a flag. Carsrac (dyskusja) 23:04, 23 gru 2012 (CET)
That's not true. You were allowed to run bot without flag when your bot was adding interwiki to categories only. Now when you are adding interwiki in main space your contribution is problematic due to flagged revisions. Please stop adding interwiki without bot flag and request it. Liteman (dyskusja) 16:27, 25 gru 2012 (CET)
The flag is requested and there 0 votes against it. Please read the local botpolicy. Carsrac (dyskusja) 17:55, 10 maj 2013 (CEST)
Flag granted. Wpedzich (dyskusja) 13:49, 21 maj 2013 (CEST)